4. 5. 2019

You can't imagine how it would turn out if you didn't use A4 plastic envelopes to package and distribute your products to your clients. You are not a double-sized lover of plastics and other petroleum products, but you just consider this a purely practical and useful invention and you are now illumining why this is the case.
Gainful Pastit
You are on maternity leave with three children, with whom there is so much work to do throughout the day that you will not get back to work for a few more years, the more so that you are still thinking about another descendant. Therefore, to ensure that your family does not suffer from the fact that only one parent feeds it, you have invented a small-scale forgery to improve the family budget and you must praise the fact that you are doing well. You are a trained needlewoman and you enjoy making imaginative little things that make other people happy. So in the free time you do just what you enjoy, you offer your products on the Internet and you send them to customers in the aforementioned plastic bags, which will always ensure that your goods to the new owner arrive in perfect order.

Without them, you can’t
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