4. 5. 2019

If you want to live in luxury, today you can. A hot tub, a sauna or, for example, a trendy winter garden is only for millionars, on the contrary, they can now enjoy the comfort of home and ordinary Mortarians. You do not have to spa every weekend, make such a small wellness in your home.
Golden Czech hands and good idea
When you think about it, what do you need to realize the sauna? Just some wood from which you build the very base and bench for lying or sitting in a warm, then a stove, which creates hot air and doors, in this case, it is better to invest in a door specially designed for the sauna, to avoid danger and injury. As for the whirlpool, it is very similar, if you are Manuelhandmade and you love working with wood, you will not be a problem for you. And last but not least the winter garden, here is the realization of the clean to you. The basis is flowers and quality garden furniture.
What about you? How would you like to have a spa right at home?

Wellness, now available not only for Millionars
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